Trauma and Holistic Medicine, Our First Published Piece!

Exciting News!

About a year ago, Inner Ocean was asked to contribute to a book on Trauma and Holistic Medicine for healthcare workers who work in this specific field. We were asked not only because of our international work with victims of sex-trafficking, but also because of our work in disaster relief, with veterans, with people struggling with addiction, etc. You might even say that Inner Ocean IS LARGELY an organization that supports the transformation and healing of trauma as each and every project and community we engage in holds within it, a traumatic experience at its inception.

The Breathe Network is a trauma-based organization that connects survivors of sexual violence with trauma-informed, sliding-scale, holistic healing arts practitioners. They provide training and education for healing arts practitioners in understanding the impacts of sexual violence and how to provide trauma-informed care within their practice. They are truly an incredible organization that we believe contributes on a daily basis to global healing. To read more about them, click here.

What did Inner Ocean have to say on this subject of Trauma and Holistic Medicine? Here are a few clips:

“In my practice I have seen many different aspects in working with survivors including those who need to tell their story and be heard as well as those who need to hold their story like a sacred artifact until weeks or months later when rapport feels sufficient and resources have been developed.”

“One of the big goals of treatment as a holistic healthcare practitioner is to serve to re-pattern the clients energy in such a way that they can feel more at home in themselves, more alive, more resilient, and more present in their day to day life.”

“I used to volunteer at a horse rescue and many of these horses just have this glazed-over look about them. Their eyes move slowly around in the socket, the lids are droopy, but most importantly, there is no vitality to their gaze. They look almost dead in the eyes. And that is what happens with humans when we have been traumatized and unable to heal.”


The piece we contributed to this book is 5,310 words long so we won’t share all of it here! Besides, you are going to want to read the whole thing! When the book is formally published, we will post a link to the material for purchase so that you can also support The Breathe Network and their incredible mission.

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