The Medicine People’s School educational programs blend interactive, experiential learning with hands-on immersive experiences that uniquely enable our participants to integrate and embody self-leadership. Through classes, workshops, retreats, and service immersions we foster an environment that nurtures diverse learning styles. Our mission through the Medicine People School is to cultivate an ecosystem of embodied leadership that serves the world’s most vulnerable communities. Our curriculum is uniquely tailored to catalyze those who identify as healers, activists, and visionaries to become effective leaders in their communities. 

By facilitating trauma-informed, healing-centered service immersions in underserved communities, participants and graduates of our educational programs are provided opportunities to engage the external world as well as to hone and develop their unique offerings. The Medicine People School offers ongoing support, guidance, and mentorship for participants longing to create and facilitate healing-centered community programs. Our instructors are all licensed in their respective professions, have received training and certification through the Medicine People School, and are endorsed by our nonprofit as Medicine People.  

Fostering a sense of responsibility and compassion,
participants of our programs can expect:

  • Development of self-leadership
  • Strengthening of nervous system regulation
  • Hearty self confidence and healthy self awareness
  • Clarification and cultivation of their unique offering 
  • Awareness of issues concerning underserved communities

  • Cultivating empowerment in others to meet their community needs

Classes, Workshops, and Retreats 2024-2025

Applications Open Summer 2024. Click here to be notified when registration opens.

Service Immersion Opportunities 2024-2025

October 15-29, 2024 Sindhupalchok, Nepal

March 1-15, 2025 Chitwan, Nepal

March 20 – April 3, 2025 Sikles, Nepal

To learn more and apply, click here

Certification Programs (Coming Soon)

We offer two specialized certification programs. Applications open Fall 2024 for the Spring 2025 cohort. Click here to be notified when registration opens.  

Embodied Healer Leadership Certification

Community Health Activist Certification