Hi Friends!

 Inner Ocean is privileged to count you among our supporters.  You make our work possible. 

I’m excited to tell you that we have an opportunity to gather twice the support for our mission and those we serve. Three  donors have offered us a matching gift of $10,000 if we can raise that amount by September 30th. 

With the Matching Gift Challenge we were just offered, we want to invite you even more on board and share a little about what we have going on and why this gift is so important to us!

What will your gift enable us to do? It will support the increased capacity and sustainability for Inner Ocean to continue to respond to the needs of the people we serve.

To start, we are headed back to Nepal in October to follow up in the villages we worked in last year, bringing with us a fresh round of supplies, AND a small group of amazing healthcare practitioners so that we can visit THAT many more communities and offer healthcare and classes to THAT many more people!  So exciting.

Also, we  will train and certify a group of about 30 Nepali women in first aid and backcountry medicine! This is going to be a game changer for this region (Sindhupalchok) because these women live scattered throughout the villages and will be able to continue to serve their communities long after we are back home in the U.S.

As you can see, the Matching Gift Challenge is a really big deal for us and the people we serve.

Can you help us raise $10,000 before September 30th?

Donate Now!

Mindi Counts

PS: Your donation will have twice the impact—and twice the life-changing opportunity—when you make a gift to Inner Ocean by September 30th. Thank you.

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