Our Mission & Vision

To support vulnerable individuals and communities in healing from trauma, restoring health, and building resilience using trauma-informed, healing centered healthcare and education.

Inner Ocean Philosophy

We believe that presence, education, and trauma-informed, healing centered care can intervene in the face of even the most severe and perpetual suffering.

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As we work to generate these waves, we know that with enough time and effort we can redirect the current of humanity.

The ancient Asian cultures recognized that even though we draw vital energy from many sources in our lives, we store it in a central channel held deeply within our bodies.

This pool, often referred to as a Sea or Ocean in the classic medical texts, is a reservoir of energy for the body, mind and spirit to draw from throughout our entire lives.

When our Inner Oceans are abundant and full of life, we also feel this way and find it easy to be open-hearted, to share our resources, to feel connected to others and this planet, and to find resilience in difficult times.

The opposite is true when we have taxed this life-giving resource: we may feel exhausted, careful to extend ourselves, and downright hopeless.

When our inner oceans are depleted, we may not even have the energy for the simplest of things because it puts our nervous system into a state of “survival-mode”.

This is where violence, addiction, and the cycle of trauma begins: in the powerlessness that a lack of resources fuels.

Our goal at Inner Ocean Empowerment Project is to assist in the repair and restoration of Inner Oceans all around the world.

Healing Trauma

Exposure to traumatic experience – both individually and as a collective – is rampant and without access to resources and support, unprocessed trauma creates cycles of oppression, poverty, and violence and the effects can reverberate through families and communities for millenia. We refer to this level of care as first response.

Restoring Health

Utilizing the principles of truly holistic healthcare that can be made accessible to the most vulnerable individuals and communities around the world, Inner Ocean provides support in deep nervous system healing thereby reducing the likelihood of developing PTSD after a traumatic experience. We refer to this level of care as second response.

Building Resilience

Once an individual and/or community is out of a heightened state of traumatic response, Inner Ocean has found our vital work is to provide access to relevant and timely education as a means of building understanding, compassion, and resilience in our most vulnerable populations. We refer to this level of care as third response.

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