Our Philosophy

At Inner Ocean + Medicine People, we hold that self-leadership is the centerpoint for all other forms of leadership. The foundation of our offerings rest on ancient Taoist five-element philosophy, ecopsychology, as well as the principles of engaged Buddhism.

Our nonprofit’s educational sector’s name and offerings are inspired by the Medicine Buddha who represents the healing power of compassion, kindness, mindfulness, and medicine. In this context, medicine is not something physical, but rather an energy that one can call in, cultivate, strengthen, and return as an offering of service to the world. In this sense, anyone can develop the qualities of a Medicine Buddha, even without a degree in physical or energy medicine and become what we call Medicine People.

After experiencing our training and service immersion programs, our participants naturally discover and begin strengthening their unique medicine offerings and are invited to embody their skills through sacred activism. This leads to greater purpose and meaning in the lives of our participants, as well as undoubtedly impacting the lives of those around them.

There are two main branches through which we serve:

Himalayan Service Immersion: By facilitating trauma-informed, healing-centered service immersions in underserved communities, participants and graduates of our educational programs are provided opportunities to engage the external world as well as to hone and develop their unique offerings. Inner Ocean offers ongoing support, guidance, and mentorship for participants longing to create and facilitate healing-centered community programs. Our instructors are all licensed in their respective professions, have received training and certification through the Medicine People School, and are endorsed by our nonprofit as Medicine People.  

Medicine People School: The Medicine People’s educational programs blend interactive, experiential learning with hands-on immersive experiences that uniquely enable our participants to integrate and embody self-leadership. Through classes, workshops, retreats, and service immersions we foster an environment that nurtures diverse learning styles and builds nourishing, sustainable community. 

Our mission through the Medicine People School is to cultivate an ecosystem of embodied leadership that serves the world’s most vulnerable communities. Our curriculum is uniquely tailored to catalyze those who identify as healers, activists, and visionaries to become effective leaders in their communities.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Engaged Buddhism: The organization’s foundation in the principles of Engaged Buddhism highlights the importance of finding harmony inside oneself to create and sustain balance and well-being in the collective.
  • Eastern Medicine and Somatic Psychology: Mindi’s expertise in Eastern medicine and somatic psychology serves as a core component of the holistic healing services offered.
  • Community Engagement: The Inner Ocean Empowerment Project focuses on not only individual healing but also community healing. It recognizes that healing is a collective experience.
  • Empowerment: The organization’s emphasis on empowerment encourages that individuals and communities are active participants in their own healing journeys. It provides tools and knowledge to support this self-leadership.
  • Philanthropy and Aid: Through the delivery of critical medical supplies, the organization plays a critical role in addressing immediate needs in the aftermath of traumatic events.
  • Long-Term Healing: The holistic approach employed by the Inner Ocean Empowerment Project suggests a commitment to not just short-term relief but long-term healing and well-being.