In Honor of Jodi

November 14, 1983- November 9, 2012 aka. Jodester

If I could have guessed, I would have thought that fall would be her favorite season. It wasn’t too hot to get outside all day but it was still sunny most of the day so she wouldn’t freeze!

We would have already gone to Anderson Farm’s to pick out pumpkins (and balance them on her wheelchair!), take a hay ride through the fields, feed the buffalo and Scottish highlanders from her bare hands with a mixture of delight and concern written on her face, and get lost (only somewhat) in the corn maze.

She would have been helping me create some sort of new gluten free, dairy free holiday dessert in her kitchen. We would have flour sprinkled all over her wheelchair (shh!) and Jack Johnson playing “Brushfire Fairytales” in the background. It was also the season of her birthday.

She would be so excited because she knew this was the season where people came together and slowed down a bit. This was also the time of year when her big brother Jaymie would come home to visit and when all the caregivers took a little more time off so she would inevitably get quality time with her family.

Though she left this world two years ago, I am still reminded of her nearly every day. I was blessed to work with her/for her for almost 7 years. And in this season, I miss her the most.

Rest in peace, sweet soul. You are loved so much.

The balloon that got away the day of her Celebration of Life Service…

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