This Is Our Mission

To support vulnerable individuals and communities in healing from trauma, restoring health, and building resilience using holistic healthcare and education.

Healing Trauma

Exposure to traumatic experience is rampant and without access to support, unprocessed trauma creates cycles of oppression, poverty, and violence and the effects can reverberate through families and communities worldwide. Learn more about how Inner Ocean serves to heal trauma.


Restoring Health

Utilizing the principles of truly holistic healthcare that is accessible to the most vulnerable individuals and communities around the world, Inner Ocean provides support in deep nervous system healing thereby reducing the likelihood of developing PTSD after trauma. Learn more about how Inner Ocean serves to restore health.

How We Restore

Building Resilience

Once an individual and/or community is out of a heightened state of traumatic response, Inner Ocean has found our vital work is to provide access to relevant and timely education as a means of building understanding, compassion, and resilience in our most vulnerable populations. Learn more about how Inner Ocean serves to build resilience.


Inner Ocean is a registered 501(c)3. Your donation is tax-exempt.

With the help of our donors, we have provided trauma-informed, healing centered medical services to numerous populations throughout the world. Thank you for considering supporting our heart-centered service!

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Healing Our Heroes

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our frontline workers have been working hard for us, keeping our loved ones safe and managing constant high-stress, high-risk environments. In response, Inner Ocean designed a program to support our frontline workers in taking care of themselves, giving them access to trauma-informed practitioners at no cost to them.

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Rural Mothers Healthcare Program

In the lush, remote Himalayan community of Sindupalchok resides a collective of Mothers who we met while trekking and hosting medical clinics in 2014. Their requests for medical training and supplies have been met each year with Inner Ocean’s dedicated donors and volunteers and together we have been supporting their villages since.

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Free Trauma Training

This training is designed for practitioners of all kinds, for first responders, acupuncturists, herbalists, nurses, doctors, and for those simply wishing to be of service to the most vulnerable in our world. It is our belief at Inner Ocean, that this training is vital in order to create the lasting change we long to see in our world.

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