Inner Ocean Joins the Summit Sisters Event!

A few months back I was contacted by Women’s Wilderness Institute (WWI) and asked to be a keynote speaker at their event in June 2016. I was elated. Not only was this such an honor, but it also speaks to how life just ebbs and flows on it’s own accord and we really truly have no idea the sparks that get lit around us, until they start a fire.

You see, many years ago I thought I wanted to work for WWI. So I printed out my application and began filling it out and calling in this potential new job with them. I was so excited. I had been studying wilderness therapy, ecopsychology, and deep ecology in context at Naropa University for two years at that point and couldn’t wait for an opportunity to apply my skills.

I hit the point in the application where they ask about experience. Turns out, with as much experience as I had with mentoring at-risk youth, working therapeutically with youth and horses, and advocating for girls and young women with special needs, I had (at that point) never actually led a group of girls or women into the wilderness!!! And they needed to see 2 years under your belt in order to be considered as a safe guide. It’s a policy that strengthens the container of safety and trust they set up as each girl or woman is invited to explore their world. It’s beautiful, really. But I didn’t make the cut. I always thought I would go back and re-apply, but then life happens, get’s full and busy, and we forget about things like this.

So when I was contacted by them, almost 10 years after the stint with the application, and asked to join them as a speaker for the Summit Sister’s event in June 2016, I was nothing short of elated. I suppose THIS was the way I was meant to be involved with this incredible organization, after all.

First off, I love their mission:

“Our mission is to strengthen the courage, confidence, and leadership qualities of girls and women through the challenge and support of group wilderness and community based experiences.”

What a beautiful and inspiring cause. And the fact that they NEVER turn down a participant for lack of funds speaks directly to the kind of world I hope to help create. They are truly making a difference in the lives of young women and girls and are now adding many adult programs to strike any woman’s fancy!

This event in June will be incredible. There are several women speakers lined up to talk about everything from traveling to parenting with purpose to learning some really basic wilderness skills (if that gets you jazzed!). There are many options to learn and participate in a whole array of community building or contemplative practicing adventures throughout the weekend. Please, please join us if you can! I will be there all weekend and would love to spend this kind of time with my community!

Early Bird Discount through March 15! Click here for your tickets!

Here is a short video to learn more about Women’s Wilderness Institute!


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