In Sharing Process, We Form a Constellation.

There is so much happening in the world right now and I am someone who wants to know about it. I want to feel it, understand it and often, try to do something about it. Even if you aren’t like me, you are inevitably impacted by what is happening in the world.  This is our environment and these are our lives, after all. And of course in addition to what’s happening in the world, we have our very own complicated lives that we are constantly trying to sort through, find meaning in, and be the very best and most honest version of ourselves possible. And this can be so challenging as often there are many layers of emotions and parts of ourselves that conflict with other parts. Such is the nature of being human, I believe.

 I always tell my clients, “Try to feel everything in your life as it’s happening, and try to feel without judgment,” I often suggest this so that old feelings don’t come up later in life and out of context which can be frustrating and confusing. I also offer insights and practices to help them move through natural sensation and expression of emotion so that it doesn’t get stuck somewhere in their bodies, minds, or spirits.

 You see, it takes effort to be a presence in the world today. Emotionally we are tugged in many directions. And we are all asking questions. Often my clients will ask me some of the toughest questions that: 1) I could never answer for them and 2) I am already asking something similar for myself, to help me understand my own experience of the world. I am constantly working with inspiration, hope and interconnection. I never want to pretend to have something that my clients, friends, and family don’t already possess within themselves. In response to the many conversations I’ve had with clients, colleagues, and friends, I have begun writing in the form of this blog. 

 I’m calling it “Inner Ocean Tides” as it is (and will become) the manifestation of my own waves of curiosities, insights, and prayers. Here I will share stories, poetry, photos, as well as tips for staying present and working towards healing in an often unpredictable world.

 To me, being creative simply means staying open to the natural flow of life’s energy, sometimes dark, sometimes light, other times varying shades of gray – and doing something you’ve never done before with it. I may create things that, in the end, I don’t want to share. I may take a long time to create something. There may be typos. There may be strong opinions. I may change my mind about things once I write them out loud. But trust that I am doing my best to live in the moment and to ask the most pertinent and honest questions I can.

 May you come along for the ride in your own way: with each post, or a post every couple of months. May you never read a thing I write or consider any thought, idea, question, or perspective I put out there. May you bawk, laugh out loud, cry with me, or dance with me. May you move with whatever strikes you, pushes your buttons, lights you on fire, caresses your depth, or urges you to pause and self-reflect. Above all, may we partake on this human journey together, as a community, and keep asking our own questions and reflecting on our own truths.   

 In love and light,


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