Children Don’t Drink Oil, Right? Then No DAPL!

(This post originally went out on September 17, 2016)

Hi Friends,

Been hearing lots about the DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline? Yea we have, too. It’s not just about protecting the burial grounds, drinking water, or sacred sites of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe we’ve learned, this is more about finding another way to do energy and oil. This is about protecting our vital resources for many generations to come. It’s so much bigger than this one tribe, this one river, and this one oil company from Texas. (Ironic that as the oil companies defend the pipeline as the “safest mode of transportation for crude oil”, in the next breath they are declaring a State of Emergency after leaking 250,000 gallons in Alabama! So why are we still trying to push for the DAPL again? Why are we still saying that pipelines are safe?)

At Inner Ocean, we have been following the news and the needs at Standing Rock very closely. And politics aside, we know that there are thousands of peaceful protestors camping out in honor of preserving the land and the water that sustains their lives and homes (and ours, too!). Because of this, we are set to join this community in support of their struggle on Wednesday, September 21st! We will be bringing LOADS of supplies with us to offer to the folks hunkering down for the long haul as well as gear for setting up a medical tent (both first aid and holistic medicine).

Interested in supporting this effort?

Here is a list of supplies needed:

4 season Tents
Tent stakes
Sleeping bags
Socks, coats, gloves and hats for men, women and kids

Supplies can either be shipped or dropped off:

in Lafayette at:

Please leave donations on porch!
400 S. Foote Avenue
Lafayette, Colorado, 80026

or dropped off in Boulder at:

Please leave donations on porch!
3675 Buckeye Court
Boulder, Colorado, 80304

or dropped off in Denver at:

Please call or text first: (413) 883-5174
805 Raleigh Street
Denver, Colorado 80204

Please note that this is likely the first of a few trips up to North Dakota. As long as the DAPL is there, the Water Protectors will be there, and we will be there supporting them in whatever way we can.

Otherwise, consider making a tax-exempt financial contribution here.

One of the most-needed items as they are approaching significantly colder weather is firewood however we can’t carry firewood across state line due to the introduction of bugs, fungus, etc. So we plan to purchase wood once we get into North Dakota. Any funds donated will go to support the trip (gas – yes, the irony), supplies needed that don’t get donated, firewood, and any other needs we come across at the Sacred Stone Camp that we hadn’t anticipated. The rest will be donated to the Defense Fund.

Thank you so much for your love and support! And be sure to follow our journey once we arrive (via the blog)!


Mindi K. Counts Founder, MA, LAc
More info on DAPL/the pipeline:

Get involved here

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