Fall of 2013 brought with it torrential rains to Colorado. While it wouldn’t have been a big deal during a typical season, Colorado also just so happened to have been through a devastating fire only two years earlier. Without many trees left to soak up the water as it came down, Boulder and surrounding counties were severely flooded.

More than 19.000 homes were damaged and more than 1500 destroyed beyond repair. Many Coloradans were evacuated for days, weeks, or months waiting for the water to recede. Ten people were reportedly killed as well as countless pets. Inner Ocean joined with several local healthcare workers as well as teams from Acupuncturists Without Borders, and together created and sustained ongoing clinics during the flood and afterward.

Additionally, Inner Ocean Empowerment Project hosted​ several​ donation-based health clinic​s​ in the community as a way to ​fundraise for the people of Colorado who had lost their homes.