Current Projects

Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort (need immediate support!)

nepalWe need immediate support for this upcoming project in Nepal  providing medical care from the Kathmandu Valley out to the Sindhupalchok region! We leave October 11th and will be working in Nepal until the end of the month! We will be hosting no-cost health camps all throughout the Kathmandu valley as well as the northeastern region of Nepal. Bringing with us 6 volunteers, we will be offering Basic and Wilderness First Aid training and certification to the locals scattered throughout the region.

On April 25, 2015 Nepal was hit with a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed more than 8,000 people, injured nearly 19,000 people and destroyed countless homes. Then again on May 12, 2015 another earthquake hit this already struggling country with a 7.3 magnitude this time, killing more than 50 and injuring more than 1,000. Inner Ocean Empowerment Project is currently raising funds and supplies for the people of Nepal. Many of the clinics we have supported in the last year have been paused due to the instability of the buildings and so makeshift clinics are being erected and supplies are needed. We have been sending supplies over as they come in. If supporting this disaster relief project calls to you, please consider supporting us on our month-long trip! Donate here!


Thai-Burma Border Mobile Clinic

clinicWhile there are a few small clinics located along the border of this politically tumultuous terrain, many refugees of Burma won't make the trek there for many reasons: land mines are scattered throughout, they don't want to leave their families, or if they get caught leaving a refugee camp, they could be deported back into Burma. Heading to the clinic is usually because of a life-threatening situation. Inner Ocean Empowerment Project wants to create a training program for medical workers at the border that focuses on jungle medicine, emergency first-aid, preventive medicine, and basic acupuncture protocols for pain relief, trauma recovery, etc. Currently we are working on a proposal that outlines the training and the budget required to spearhead such an effort. If this project calls to you in anyway, please consider a donation here!

Projects We're Dreaming About

Addiction and Suicide in Native American Reservations

Addiction and Suicide in Native American ReservationsEach time we work in another third world country we realize how much we still have a third-world in America. Specifically in Native American populations, addiction and suicide rates are soaring well over any other ethnicities in America. One in four are living in poverty. IOEP is interested in working with established reservation organizations in creating a leadership development team for the Native American youth as well as the adults and providing guidance and treatments focused on addiction recovery. If supporting a project "on your home turf" is interesting to you, please click here to make a donation to show us that you would like us to move forward. Currently we are assessing project development in Michigan where suicides abound and addiction is rampant. Stay tuned!


Karen Tribal Medicine Program

slider-stock6Now that conflicts inside Burma have been going on for more than 50 years, entire generations are growing up in refugee camps or IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps. These people have no access to the wisdom of their ancestors and important traditions are dying. Inner Ocean Empowerment Project is working to raise funds for the documenting of these now oral traditions with the aging refugees in the community who hold this vital information. Secondly, we would like to create a certificate of recognition of these elders for their wisdom which would allow them to train the younger generations. These traditions include local herbal medicine, healing practices, traditions and rituals, among others. Once there is proper certification and documentation, our hope is that the Karen State Department of Health will offer this medicine back into their communities to keep it alive and perhaps join in with the efforts of the mobile clinics. If preservation of of traditional medicine is important to you, please click here to show us!

Past/Ongoing Projects

Refugees in Thailand/Burma Border

Thailand Burma BorderSpring of 2015, Inner Ocean spent 6 weeks in Thailand and at the Thai-Burma border. We hosted several private clinics for clients with very challenging medical cases and then worked in a clinic for refugees at the border of Thailand and Burma. There we assisted in labor and delivery as well as worked with land mine victims and refugees with ailments such as malaria, dengue fever, and tuberculosis. In addition, we were invited to co-teach several workshops on, “Bearing Witness as a Form of Social Activism” and practitioner self-care for the social activist. We hope to return to teach at the border clinic dedicated to refugees and to assist in the creation of mobile emergency first aid and acupuncture clinics.


 Sex-trafficking in New Delhi, India

new-direct-relief-projectSpring of 2014, Inner Ocean spent 6 weeks in New Delhi, India living and working in a safe house for women and children who have been rescued from sex-trafficking as well as hosting several acupuncture clinics in the slums of New Delhi. After treating hundreds of women, children, and a few men, too, we also taught a few educational programs that focused on leadership and creating an awareness of sex-trafficking not only in impoverished communities but even in places like Denver, Colorado. The educational component of this work is on-going as well as working to empower women and stop the oppression of our most vulnerable populations. We aspire to create a program that links women impacted by sex-trafficking in the US to women impacted by sex-trafficking in India and Nepal. If this program speaks to you, help us fund it! Click here! Currently we are set to return to India in Fall 2016. Please consider supporting this mission if it calls to you.


 Poverty and Oppression in Kathmandu and Mustang, Nepal

In the summer of 2014, Inner Ocean spent 6 weeks in Kathmandu and Mustang, Nepal hosting several independent clinics and working in clinics established by Acupuncturists Without Borders though run by Nepali acupuncturists. There we teamed up with a local doctor and put on several “health camps” which were a huge success in bringing free healthcare to hundreds, if not more than a thousand people, in one week. Inner Ocean has created such a strong community in Nepal and plans to return soon to assist with the earthquake relief. See above.



100 Year Flood in Colorado

flood reliefThe fall of 2013 brought with it torrential rains to Colorado. While it wouldn’t have been a big deal during a typical season, Colorado also just so happened to have been through a devastating fire only two years earlier. Without many trees left to soak up the water as it came down, Boulder and surrounding counties were severely flooded. More than 19.000 homes were damaged and more than 1500 destroyed beyond repair. Many Coloradans were evacuated for days, weeks, or months waiting for the water to recede. Ten people were reportedly killed as well as countless pets. Inner Ocean joined with several local healthcare workers as well as teams from Acupuncturists Without Borders, and together created and sustained ongoing clinics during the flood and afterward.

Additionally, Inner Ocean Empowerment Project hosted​ several​ donation-based health clinic​s​ in the community as a way to ​fundraise for the people of Colorado who had lost their homes.