About Us

Aashray GroupInner Ocean Empowerment Project was founded in December, 2013 by Mindi K. Counts a graduate of Naropa University’s psychology department and a Classical Five Element Acupuncturist. It all began very simply: her desire to be of service was met with a call to action to help young women and children who had been rescued from sex-trafficking. The immediacy of need was felt so strongly that she began to fundraise and research. A few months later, Inner Ocean Empowerment Project was in India, doing the work Mindi’s heart called her to and that her community supported her in doing.

IOEP has worked with and supported many organizations including STOP India, Waking Up Together, Acupuncturists Without Borders, Nepali Acupuncture Association, Spirit In Education Movement, and the Mae Tao Clinic. Now with several projects behind them, and many more ahead, IOEP strives to meet the needs of the world. This is a “bearing witness style of social activism” Mindi says, where, “rather than seeking out the services needed, if you simply pause long enough to listen, the world will tell you what is needed.” So each project has manifested in this unique way, officially creating the foundation for the Inner Ocean Empowerment Project.

About the Founder

Originally from a small town in Virginia, for as long as she can remember, Mindi has had this vision of running a healing center where people come and take refuge to heal their bodies, minds, and spirits. She dreamed that there would be everything from alternative medicine to art to immersion in nature available at this healing center. In fact, she made her first sketch of her healing center around age 10, showing not a road but rather two pathways marking tire tracks back into the woods, where the healing center was!

Many years later, while studying psychology, leadership, trauma recovery, and other similar subjects, Mindi also worked as a caregiver and advocate for people with special needs, as a mentor for at-risk youth, and as an animal rights activist, she spoke out openly against the abuses of animals in the food industry. Mindi believes it was partly this exposure that led to her activist spirit. In her belief, “service isn’t something you do – it’s a state of mind. And if you let it, it penetrates everything you do.”

Inner Ocean EmIMG_0640powerment Project has been Mindi’s next step toward impacting the world. Through this project she is able to build partnerships with communities all around the world and to take her determined and justice-driven heart into ever expanding, collaborative projects. IOEP also allows others along to come along on her journey through her blog, email updates, volunteer, and donation opportunities.

Mindi currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with her two rescued pit bulls, Gemma Sue and Sparkle. She has a healing practice open to the public and hosts several community events and trainings throughout the year. To inquire about acupuncture or to book a session, click here. To contact us or find our more about our volunteer and/or training opportunities, click here.